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The Tesoro Box sources only the best products of specialised cheeses, high quality cured meats and homemade delicacies.

Authentic Italian food

The Tesoro Box is providing Sydney with authentic Italian food. Catering now their signature Grazing Tables as well as continuing their Graze Boxes. There are new additions to their online shop and have also introduced their luxury Breakfast Grazing Tables. Enquire now for your upcoming event!

Pre Order Now For Father's Day!!

We have designed this box to satisfy all cravings a dad deserves!! Have you ever seen a half dipped Chocolate Waffle share the spot light with Homemade meatballs?? 🤤

What’s in the box??
•Homemade Meatballs
•Lindt Chocolate
•Half Dipped Chocolate Waffle
•Deli Meats
•Olives + Pickles Mix
•Variety of Fresh Fruits

Our Boxes are the perfect gift to someone you love..

Customer Reviews

Kate Edwina
Kate Edwina
I'll preface this by saying one of the co-owners is my bestie - hi Bee! - but I didn't actually try this box until months after the business launched, for Father's Day. I purchased the Alfresco Box, for my dad, mum, myself and my sister. I did get it quite last minute - sorry dad - and they were able to accompany me easily, and responsively. First off, the box itself. It came with a sweet card wishing people a Happy Father's Day, was "packaged beautifully" (mum's words), and looked delicious. As for the food - get your hands on the caramel doughnut ball (there's only two, and they're amazing!). There was also something for everyone - croissants, doughnuts, mini quiches, fruit, yoghurt, pikelets, waffles. Attention to detail was amazing - there was little tubs of syrup and jam, reusable cutlery, and my mum has washed up the yoghurt parfait tubs to use again. Dad's words: "Very yummy, I'd recommend getting it again. I liked the waffles." And from my dad, that's high praise indeed. Mum: "Recommend this as breakfast gifting. Love the surprise yoghurt and muesli, and the doughnuts - mmm, mmm."
Ilia Makowski
Ilia Makowski

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